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Could Paul Heyman be Ronda Rousey’s Advocate?

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Could Paul Heyman be Ronda Rousey’s Advocate?

It’s been almost a month since Ronda Rousey made her shocking debut at the Royal Rumble. Ever since then, people have been wondering what it’s going to be like to have Rousey in WWE. Now, it seems that we have a clearer idea of what her future is.

One thing we know is that Rousey will be signing a contract with Monday Night Raw at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Most likely, we will have a clearer idea of what her Wrestlemania plans are. However, there are several rumors going around about Rousey’s future about Wrestlemania and beyond.

One major rumor being thrown around is that Ronda Rousey could become a “Paul Heyman Girl”. Heyman’s role with Rousey would be similar to his role with Brock Lesnar. Meaning, he would do promos on her behalf and accompany her to the ring.


This is a great idea. Rousey’s name carries a reputation as it is. But pairing Rousey with Heyman’s mic skills would instantly make her one of the top stars of the Women’s Division.

While Rousey is still a huge star, her fighting career took a hit when she lost badly in her last two UFC fights. Using Heyman’s promos to build her up would definitely help build some of that credibility back. Rousey is also still learning the business so using Heyman to talk for her would be good while she’s still learning to do promos for herself.

So, Heyman talking for her in the beginning of her WWE career is the perfect idea. Hopefully, this rumor turns out to be true and this dream pair is born. If/when this happens, hopefully WWE uses this pair to their full potential.

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