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Phenomenal AJ Styles Hints at Retirement From WWE

Could AJ Styles be looking into retirement? The Celeb Fun Facts, via Flickr


As a WWE fan, it would be hard to imagine the world of wrestling without the phenomenal one AJ Styles. Why would we even have to imagine? Styles has hinted he could be retiring soon.

Who is the Phenomenal AJ Styles?

AJ Styles happens to be one of the best pro wrestlers in the industry of the world, to be exact. He started his career with Impact Wrestling and then eventually made his way to the Indy circuit New Japan; where he was the leader of the Bullet Club. At the 2016 Royal Rumble, he was a surprise entrance at number 3. Since then he has became 2 time WWE Champion, and 2x United States Champion; and he currently performs on the Smackdown brand, as the current WWE Champion.

The older you get,the less energy you have to maintain it. It is what is, but if you still have that drive, and you can still do it; why not. Get in the gym, and get it done and look good in the meantime.


Styles says he will be retiring in the next few years. Why you ask? He wants to spend time with his wife, and children, and doesn’t want to miss anymore life events that his children have. He said:

Work Hard now, enjoy it later. In a couple of years,I’ll be able to to catch every football game, baseball game, basketball game, cheerleading, gymnastics. Whatever they are in.

Writer’s Thoughts

AJ Styles is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I respect his choice, of wanting to spend time with his family. However, I can possibly see Styles, coming back to the WWE. What is the future of AJ Styles? Do you agree with his choice of retiring, to spend with his family? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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