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Possible WWE Main Roster Return for Kaitlyn

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Possible Return of Former Divas Champion, Kaitlyn

WWE is always full of surprises. They always like to throw curve balls at the WWE Universe. Well, here is an interesting curve for us! We may see the possible return of Kaitlyn to the WWE. That’s right. The former Diva’s Champion may return to the main roster.

How Kaitlyn got Started

The former Divas Champion was indeed a fan favorite during the time she spent in the WWE. She also had a lot of potential to a long-lasting career. She left in 2014, and has since considered herself retired.

Located in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it has been noted that the WWE is definitely interested in bringing her back into the mix. She originally got WWE’s attention through different competitions. After she spent some time in FCW, she automatically was pushed to the main roster in 2010. After 4 years, she bid her farewell.

Reasoning for her Departure from WWE

Why did she leave to begin with? The reason behind it was she wanted to focus on life outside of the WWE. She was getting married to bodybuilder PJ Braun.  Their marriage ended recently. Additionally, she had her own fitness clothing line.

Possible Return

Kaitlyn could be back soon. She’s still looking good, both body and health wise. She has also been posting pictures on social media of her working out. She’s also revealed that she has been training hard in the ring. WWE is watching her, and a return could be on the horizon.

Why Bring her Back?

There are plenty of women to run the “Women’s Revolution” on both Raw and Smackdown, so it’s not due to lack of talent. However, it’s been noted that if WWE brings back veterans, it makes for a rise in ratings. It also showcases the talents and makes them shine. Mickie James returned, proving  what a veteran is still able to do. It’s been told that Kaitlyn’s presence could be a good thing for today’s younger superstars as well. She will be able to show them, the right path they need to be on. She will have the experience and ability to push them to the level they need be.

So, don’t count her out yet! Since Kaitlyn is only 30 years old, she still has plenty of time to become a champion again.

Writer’s Thoughts

It would truly be great to see Kaitlyn back in the WWE. She’s very talented and bringing her back would cause a spike in ratings. Older fans will tune in once again just because of her.

If she does end up returning, there is no way of telling which show she’d go to. If a date does pop up, my team and I will keep you informed. So, what do you guys think? Where should she go? What you think is in the future for Kaitlyn? Would it be a good thing for WWE? Feel free to comment below, and let us know what you think.

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