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Possible Reason for Undertaker in NYC

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Possible Reason for Undertaker Being in NYC

The current edition of “Dinner with the King” podcast reveals a plausible reason The Undertaker was in New York during SummerSlam. The host of “Dinner with the King,” WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, did not see the Undertaker. The King mentioned that he was in the talent relations room getting ready. He saw everyone on the match card come through, but no Deadman. Jerry has a theory, however, that brought the Deadman to NYC over the weekend. So what was the reason he was there?

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s theory About Undertaker

The King believes that the Deadman was in New York to do some medical follow ups for his hip and possibly doing body scans for a for a new game. King said:

“Everyone on the show had to get face and body scans for the game. Even I did as well. It’s not part of 2K people, it’s a totally different game than [WWE] 2K18. It will be available sometime, next year.”

Writer’s Thoughts

The last time we saw the Undertaker was at Wrestlemania 33.  His departure left us to believe that the loss to Roman Reigns was his retirement. He also left his coat and hat in the ring. Additionally, fans and critics say that the Undertaker isn’t finished with his career. They say Taker still has one more match in him! I definitely believe that the Undertaker isn’t finished. Even if he doesn’t get back to the ring, he will somehow be sociable with the company.

What are you some of your thoughts about situation? Do you think this new game will be a hit? What was the real reason the Deadman was in NYC? Do you think he is really done? Do you think he will ever return?  Feel free to answer these questions in the comments below! Your thoughts and opinions matter!

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