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Proposed Solution to the WWE Part Timer Problem

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The Part Timer Problem

In the past several years, WWE fans and talents alike have been critical of the company’s decision to book part time wrestlers in prime matches at the company’s biggest shows. Starting with John Cena versus the Rock at back to back Manias, the trend has continued. Shane McMahon stole a coveted spot opposite the Undertaker. The same can be said for Batista being handed a Royal Rumble win and a ticket to the main event at WrestleMania 30. Even the long anticipated debut of Sting would have meant more if he had appeared opposite the Undertaker.

This past year, the issue reached an all time high when Bill Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar. Goldberg had not been to a WrestleMania for 13 years. Brock wrestles 10 matches a year. Despite both of their part time or nonexistent presence on weekly television, they were handed the Universal Title Match. The fans were treated to a short match with repetitive moves and a predetermined winner you could see coming months in advance. Booking of this match was horrible. Fans were frustrated that WWE’s creative team had nothing better to showcase for the Universal Title. But they did. In fact, they had prepared the perfect scenario five months prior.

The Match That Could Have Been

Recently it was revealed by Chris Jericho himself that the original plan for WrestleMania was for he and Kevin Owens to headline for the Universal Title and for him to lose the title to Lesnar at a future event. Those plans changed when Vince McMahon saw the reaction to Bill Goldberg’s return. Goldberg was garnering the kind of attention he received back in WCW. He was the same rough and tough in your face talent he always was. A story line that was supposed to be a one off appearance beckoned for another chapter. Goldberg’s minute and twenty six second defeat of Lesnar at Survivor Series all but guaranteed a rematch at Mania. That should have been enough. Unfortunately, Mr. McMahon had other plans.

What needs to happen going forward

I have received countless questions and comments about this topic on my show the Fro Wrestling Podcast where fans have sounded off about their frustrations about how part timers are booked. They always seem to be given prime programs while the rank and file talents who are on the road two hundred and fifty days a year are stuck in the middle of the card. The listeners have asked me for my opinion and I have one simple suggestion for WWE.

I believe that WWE profits from the exposure of these part timers. They draw in more viewers than many of the regular stars who have been booked in repetitive feuds on Raw and Smackdown. The talents who may be delivering in the ring may not be delivering at the box office. WWE has a monetary interest in these talents. I propose a solution to both issues. To maintain the attraction of those part timers while allowing your most committed talents to retain the most coveted spots on the card, a new division needs to be created.

The WWE Legends Championship

Solving this issue is a matter of WWE creating a championship designed for those once or twice a year talents. It provides the excitement of a championship match while allowing the daily talents to continue their story lines without interruption. It keeps the prime spots for the regulars while providing a vehicle for the special attractions. The concern is that booking a championship like this would require long term planning which WWE has been notoriously poor with in recent memory. If WWE wants to appease their main stream fan base as well as satisfy the rabid marks and talents themselves, this would be a great solution to the problem.


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