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WWE: RAW Invasion Finally Arrived on Tuesday Night

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RAW Invasion

RAW Invasion on Smackdown Live finally happened after weeks of losing out to team blue. The red team finally go their “Under Siege” revenge on this week’s edition of Smackdown.

Ten Minutes Before the End of the Show….

The big brawl started during the Smackdown main event. As predicted, The Shield’s theme song came on. Naturally, Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose made their way down the ramp. They hit the ring and started to fight with the New Day. In great heel fashion, KO and Sami Zayn bailed.

Later, The Usos ran down to assist The New Day only to have the WWE Raw Tag Team champions Cesaro & Sheamus attack them from behind. Slowly but surely, more and more RAW superstars hit the ring through the crowd.


The RAW women were shown bursting into the Smackdown women’s locker room. After a brief beat down, Charlotte was shown slowly getting up from the floor. The rest of the women hesitated as Charlotte’s new Survivor Series opponent, Alexa Bliss, came in from the left with a sucker punch.

Hellish Beatdown to Team Blue

Back in the ring, Shane McMahon took charge with his team members. Then, Kurt Angle appeared on the ramp and called out Braun Strowman. The “Monster Among Men” eventually took out the entire Smackdown roster. That would allow the Shield to triple powerbomb the commissioner of Smackdown Live. Meanwhile, Kurt Angle directed traffic.

The show ended with Kurt Angle delivering the “Angle Slam” to Shane, and then telling The Shield to deliver a second triple powerbomb.

Writer’s Choice

If I had to choose which team will emerge victorious on Sunday, I’ve got to go with RAW. They have a lot of big guys on their team!

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