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TSJ Writer: This Week’s RAW Review on Returning Superstars

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RAW Review

Raw Review for this week will be focusing on the returns, but there were three people fired a few days ago.

Four Big Returns

Even though this week fans got to see 4 superstars returning to the show, there wasn’t anything surprising.

Stephanie McMahon

At the start of the show, the Princess returned during GM Kurt Angle’s promo. She first praises Kurt for doing a great job, but later said she’s making Kurt the leader of Team Raw at Survival Series. She also tells him that if they don’t win, he will lose his job.

Writer’s Review: Since she’s the chairman’s daughter, her return started with a BANG! And as always, it’s all about the McMahons.

Nia Jax

Alicia Fox is schedule to face Bayley, but she says she doesn’t have time for a match, as she has to focus on team Captain duties. But, she says she’s found a suitable replacement. The music hits, and out comes Nia Jax, making her return.
She dominates and picks up the win. After the match, Fox takes the mic and picks Nia for the women’s team at Survivor Series.

Writer’s Review: Her return is also good, and everyone knows why. She walked out of RAW days ago, allegedly frustrated with the creative direction. But she probably didn’t get any heat due to her being the Rock’s cousin. And he supposedly is  the one who told her if she’s unhappy with the way WWE is handling her, she should just pack her bags and leave.

Samoa Joe

Disappointment starts from here. Right after Nia’s match, Joe just walks to the ring, cuts a weak “heel” promo, beat Apollo Crews with Coquina Clutch, and moved on to Titus O’Neil.

Writer’s Review: That’s it? No surprises? No sneak attack on Smackdown Live? Nothing towards either Shane or their Champion? This is not the way to push someone billed as “the Destroyer”.

Braun Strowman

After the match, Bliss stands tall as her music hits. The cameras immediately cut backstage to the Miz leaving in a hurry with Axel and Dallas. He tells the driver to get to the airport.

A garbage truck appears in front and blocks them. Miz tells the driver to tell the truck to move. The truck backs up closer to the hood of the limo. The door of the garbage truck rises as they start freaking out in the back of the limo. Braun Strowman appears from the trash and stands tall, yelling. The now turned face Braun Strowman starts to beat the Miztourage; tossing The Miz into the LED board. However, it doesn’t break. He then began tossing Bo down the ramp, then Axel. Braun ends up hitting a shocking 5 running powerslams on Axel in the ring. Deciding he’s not done yet, he runs over and sends Axel through the announce table with another powerslam.

Writer’s Review: I’m glad WWE is building Braun back up, but him coming from the trash is a WTF moment in a bad way. The whole segment of limo and the truck is BAD. No car takes that long to unlock the doors, and the camera angles setups are too predictable. They look very unrealistic. Truly, they made Braun look like a cheap comic book superhero character.

It’s just nonsense! And, Axel being the victim of 6 massive powerslams…I hope he won’t be the fourth person leaving WWE. But, then again, he might be better off in the Indies.

What are your thoughts on the returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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