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Reasons Why Finn Balor hasn’t Had A Rematch for the WWE Universal Championship

Questions arise as to why Finn Balor has yet to receive his WWE Universal Championship rematch goodambrose, via Flickr


Finn Balor takes on “The Eater of the Worlds” Bray Wyatt for round two, at WWE No Mercy. It has been well known that Finn Balor is still owed a rematch for the Universal Championship. Balor became the first ever WWE Universal Champion at last years SummerSlam; by defeating Seth “The Kingslayer” Rollins(who is currently one half of the Raw Tag Team Championship, along side Dean Ambrose).  He also became the first wrestler in WWE History to win a world title, in their pay-per-view debut.

Finn Balor never really lost the title. How?

Balor had to surrender the title to Mick Foley, (who was the General Manager of Monday Night Raw at the time) on the Live show Raw after last years SummerSlam. Why? He suffered a shoulder injury, during the match but still kept going to win the title. Balor was out for almost a year due to the injury;  he recieved during the match.

What is the Future of Balor?

Recently mentioned on a podcast of Jason Solomon; he states why he thinks Finn Balor hasn’t recieved his rematch. It’s because WWE doesn’t want him to get beaten.

It’s been rumored that Brock Lesnar will keep the WWE Universal Championship until Wrestlemania 34, which will make him the longest reigning Universal Champion ever. Who will he lose it to? Critics are saying that Lesnar will drop the title, to Roman Reigns. Where does this put Balor?

WWE officials are protecting Balor from getting hurt, because they don’t want to feed him to Lesnar, like they did Samoa Joe.

It has also been noted that no former Universal Champion; has recieved a title rematch after losing the title. Kevin Owens lost the title to Goldberg at WWE Fastlane. After the title loss, he quickly jumped into a feud with Chris Jericho for the United States Championship. Goldberg turned around, and lost the title to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33, which was meant for Goldberg’s retirement match.

WWE Universal Future

If the rumors are true, about Brock Lesnar keeping the title till Wrestlemania 33, then there is nothing left for Balor to do is wait for his chance. He is currently involved with an ongoing feud with Bray Wyatt. As the Demon King, he won against the “The Eater of Worlds” at SummerSlam by, using Bray’s own tricks against him. Balor will once again face Bray at the Raw Pay-per-view No Mercy this Sunday, in Los Angles, California in the Staples Center.

Writer’s Thoughts

That’s nice that the WWE officials want to protect Finn. It’s showing they may have a heart, after all and care. I strongly believe one day soon, Balor will get his rematch for the title. He will become the champion again, and run with it for awhile. Balor has been one of my favorites, even back into the Japan Era. I see Finn Balor having a bright and successful career with the WWE, as long as his health allows him to do so. What are you thoughts on Balor? Do you think Brock Lesnarnwill become the longest reigning Universal Champion? Who will Finn defeat to reign his title he never lost? Feel free to answer these questions below; and let us know what you think!

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