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Ric Flair Hospitalized Saturday for Heart Issues

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Ric Flair Hospitalized for Heart-Related Issues

Ric Flair is undoubtedly one of the greatest champions to ever live. He’s been with the company for quite a long time. Most recently, he was playing a manager role for his daughter, Charlotte Flair (real name Ashley). And although he stepped away from the ring once again, Charlotte is still doing great on her own.

However, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE Hall-of-Famer Ric Flair was admitted to the hospital on Saturday. Flair was hospitalized due to heart-related issues. The initial report states that Flair was admitted to the ICU by his family.

Legacy Talent, LLC, represents Flair. The news was confirmed. Flair’s management also issued a statement via Twitter claiming it was “routine” and nobody needed to panic.

Yes,Ric in hosp 4routine monitoring.No reason2panic.Yes,many thx2his fiancé&hospstaff.No excuses Ric wld want u2go out 2nite NaturBoy style!

Now, Flair has had plenty of medical scares in the past.  He’s had minor surgeries only a few years ago. Although none of those were life-threatening, Flair is beginning to age and health  is becoming a very real concern.

While Flair’s management sent out a very assuring tweet, more news came to a head on Sunday. It doesn’t look as though Flair is doing well. This time, the management went ahead and asked for prayers for the Legend.

Are u a Fan/Friend of Ric Flair? If so, we need prayers & positive energy 4 our Living Legend as he is dealing w/some tough medical issues.

Yikes. That doesn’t sound like a “routine” to me. Obviously, the family of Flair probably didn’t want to make a scene. However, these issues sound a lot worse than we initially thought. Luckily, Flair is with his family. We at TSJ Sports hope that Flair pulls through.

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