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Ric Flair Sues Ex-Manager, WWE Moving to FOX?

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Ric Flair Sues Ex-Manager

WCW and WWE Legend, Ric Flair, really made headlines when his “30 for 30” episode aired. Talent all across the globe praised him for his brutal honesty, his struggle, and his rise to the top.

Flair has, in the past, been rumored to be extremely money-hungry. Fans have claimed that he would treat them differently if they brought their own items for the Nature Boy to sign rather than buy his merchandise at an event.  But how else can you be stylin’ and profilin’ without the money to make the magic happen?

Unfortunately for Flairs former manager, he’s still very much in love with the dollar bills. In fact, according to TMZ, Flair filed legal documents where he states that Legacy Talent and Entertainment stole $46,000 dollars from him. LTE is the management company he used from 2009 to October 2017.

Flair says he hired a lawyer to investigate his money situation. Upon doing this, he found large amounts of money were missing. During the investigation, Flair learned that Legacy Talent had received $25K from the production company making his “30 for 30” special. However, Flair states he was never informed of that payment, nor given a cut for himself.

Naitch says Legacy Talent told him they spent the money on his legal fees. Although, Flair says, he did not authorize them to do that.

WWE Heading to FOX?

Apparently, the WWE is in talks with FOX to jump ship to their network. Their exclusive contract with the USA network expires in 2019. A big factor is whether or not FOX can land another contract with the UFC. Currently, UFC pours about $450 million per year. However, if they leave the network, the WWE may be able to slide in.

Now, the WWE isn’t able to negotiate with other networks until February. However, they did have some meetings with FOX executives over the summer. WWE CFO George Barrios and EVP Paul “Triple H” Levesque were among the executives that met with FOX.

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