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Ricochet is Getting Ready for the WWE

Could we see Ricochet in a WWE ring soon?? courtneyrose, via Flickr


A one known true fact, that a Wrestling fan knows, is the curve balls they throw at you, or the surprises. The wrestling era and the WWE mostly keeps you guessing, day in and day out!  It has been recently reported that the WWE;  might be getting the most popular independent wrestlers in the business. Who could it be? It’s none other then Ricochet himself.

Ricochet headed to WWE

Ricochet could be headed to the WWE ring some point, of early next year. He has been wrestling for 14 years, and who turned 29 on October 11th. He has been classified as seasoned veteran, and still can have what could be the best years of his life, and career.


The high flyer wrestled for Lucha Underground, under the name Prince Puma; where he was the first ever Lucha Underground Champion. For several years, he has been watched closely by the WWE. Sources have said, he may finally be free to work full time with the WWE.

Writer’s Thoughts

It’s always amazes me how the WWE works with new talent searching. They will go above and beyond to find new talent. For many years and many years to come; they will keep running and running, around in circles, searching for wrestlers to make their company better. Rather it be competitions,such as Tough Enough or the Mae Young classic  to determine the winner; or bring them up from ROH, GFW, Impact, or in this case Lucha Underground. It’s what they like to call “What’s best for business”.  What do you think the future for Ricochet is? Will he come to the WWE? Will WWE keep finding new talent? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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