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The Rock’s… Daughter Says… She Wants To Wrestle

Simone Garcia Johnson, daughter of The Rock awso cute, via Flickr


The Rock’s… Daughter Says… She Wants To Wrestle

It looks as if wrestling really does run in the family. Simone Garcia Johnson, daughter of former WWE Champion and Hollywood megastar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter; about her being named the Globes Ambassador for next year’s Golden Globes Awards.

During the interview, where she spoke about being “more than my parents’ daughter”; and being her own person, she mentioned her love for the sport. When asked about what it was that she loved, Johnson said:

“It’s a sport that is unlike anything else in the world. There’s just a certain amount of passion that every move and match requires, and that’s so admirable. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and want to pursue.”

Should she pursue a career in sports entertainment, she would become the first fourth-generation star on the big stage. She would be following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather Peter Maivia, grandfather Rocky Johnson; and of course, her father The Rock.

Ms. Garcia Johnson looks to also be looking at other options besides wrestling, just like her father; as she is also pursuing a modeling career. But, just like her dad, Simone is thinking education first, dreams second; when asked about whether she’d also go into acting, she said:

“As much as I love and admire the film industry, I don’t see myself pursuing a career in it at the moment. I plan to study business in college — NYU, hopefully — and after graduating, I want to pursue wrestling and eventually transition into talent management. I’ve watched my mom build and grow a business, which I’ve been so inspired by,”

Simone Garcia Johnson: Golden Globes Ambassador

She also spoke candidly of the challenges faced by young people who grew up around the industry; something she knows all too well. With her father first becoming a star through wrestling, then film; her mother is both a producer and Simone’s father’s manager.

With the change in title from this year forward, the title of Mr./Miss Golden Globes is no more. She will be the first Ambassador under the new title.

Perhaps in the future, the WWE Women’s Division may see an “electrifying” new star join its ranks. Only time will tell.

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