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More ROH Stars Expected to Join WWE

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ROH Stars Heading to WWE

A number of Ring of Honor stars have been making their way to WWE. Well, more top stars from ROH are making their way to the WWE. It appears that Adam Cole, Donovan Dijak and War Machine are all going to WWE soon.

From CM Punk to AJ Styles, to Samoa Joe and others, WWE has shown they are open to signing ROH’s top stars and have practically become a who’s who of former ROH champions. If signed, WWE will add these ROH stars to their stacked roster filled with past ROH champions and Indy stars.

From the day that Cole was super-kicked out of the Bullet Club, all signs pointed to him joining WWE. According to Angel Rodriguez of, in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cole is heading to WWE soon and could appear at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.

It was back in February that Dijak began to drop hints that he could be heading to WWE. Since then, an official WWE contract was delayed due to legal action that ROH would have taken for contract tampering. Now, after waiting, Dijak appears to head to NXT very soon. Rodriguez, of, also stated in his article that Dijak is most likely be heading to NXT in September after PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

As for War Machine, they are currently the IWGP heavyweight tag team champions. But they are still expected to head to WWE. They have worked for NJPW and ROH and like many other former NJPW and ROH stars, they to are on their way to WWE.

Is too much talent a problem?

Having a deep roster  filled with Indy stars and main event level superstars doesn’t sound like a problem on the surface. It all depends on how you utilize your locker room. When it’s done correctly, mid-card talent becomes main event caliber superstars. If it’s done incorrectly, a lot of talent will get left out and the potential to become a top draw never comes to fruition. WWE has loaded up on top stars from around the world and has found itself with that problem. In the past two years, WWE has been signing top talent from other promotions. In WWE there are problems holding new performers from elevating to superstar levels. Even with WWE’s worldwide platform! Limited opportunities have lead to repetitive feuds and matches which have only allowed a handful of superstars to raise their game when they join WWE.

What to expect?

I expect Cole, Dijak and War Machine to sign with WWE sometime soon. I also don’t have high expectations for them because of the limitations within the company. WWE can easily solve this problem, but if things stay on the same track, not much expected to change.


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