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Roman Reigns Says He’s the “Best Performer in the World Right Now”

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Roman Reigns Calls Himself the “Best Performer in the World Right Now”

Oh, this isn’t a joke. And Roman Reigns was serious. Indeed, he thinks he’s the best performer in the world. Call it how you will, but this looks massively arrogant on behalf of the “Big Dog.” And he isn’t even considered a heel!

As it turns out, WWE recently aired a new show on the WWE Network. The new series is called Straight to the Source. The show debuted after December 4th’s episode of Raw.

The new show is filmed in an arena before an event, where Corey Graves hosts and also interviews talent. It’s meant to be a good way for the fans to better get to know the Superstars. It’s also meant to stir up online conversation.

Well, it’s safe to say that RR stirred up quite a commotion with his interview. Although it’s only a fifteen-minute segment, it’s still a decent listen. Then, the conversation flipped to his win over Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Because of the win, Graves wondered where that would position Reigns within the company.

CG: Point blank. Is Roman Reigns WWE’s top guy now?

RR: Every day of the week. This is the top of the mountain here. Point blank, period.

That’s not really the controversial bit. However, fans of the Bullet Club, Balor, Nakamura, and even AJ Styles might raise an eyebrow at the claims as he continues on:

“You know, I’m the best in ring in the world right now. You can go to my matches and pay-per-views over the last three years and you can say I’m an idiot, or you can be like, ‘man, he’s got a point’, you know what I mean?”

Well, if Roman Reigns doesn’t believe in the Shield, at the very least he believes in himself. But, do these claims seem far-fetched?

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