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Ronda Rousey Has Officially Signed with the WWE

Ronda Rousey Tim Jones, via Flickr


Breaking News!

At Royal Rumble tonight, history was made. We saw Asuka become the first ever woman superstar; to win the first ever woman Royal Rumble match. Finally, after her celebration she found the Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, and Raw Women’s Champion in the ring with her. After a few stares, we hear a song, start playing. “Bad Reputation” blares through the arena. On the titratron we saw a yellow background with red letters that read Ronda Rousey. Rousey made an appearance at Royal Rumble.

Rumors?  Rumors No more.. Ronda Rousey Signs!

It has been confirmed all over the internet. Ronda Rousey has officially signed a full time contract with WWE. Even the big sports channel ESPN has confirmed it.

This is my life now. First priority on my timeline for the next several years. This is not a smash-and-grab this not a publicity stunt.

When I first met Triple H, I told him there are other things, I can do with my time, that make way more money, but I wont enjoy it nearly as much.

Let’s Talk

Rousey explains this was always something she wanted to do, but never thought in a million years she could do it; or even had a chance. The talk of Rousey working with the WWE happened after she appeared at WM 31 in 2015. For those who didn’t see it, she was in a segment with The Rock, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H. Ronda was also at ringside at the Mae Young Classic, to cheer on fellow MMA Horsewoman Shayna Bazzler.


There is nothing specifying if she will wrestle at live events. Rousey could probably be used in the Brock Lesnar role. This means she will only appear at some pay-per-views, and some live events. As a result of right now, no record of what the main event at Wrestlemania; will be at this time. However, the former Bantamweight champion will be part of that somehow. Could we see Rousey vs Asuka? Could Asuka lose to Rousey? Will Asuka’s winning streak come to an end? It could be the MMA Horsewomen and the WWE Horsewoman, as well. Nobody knows atr this point. There is 71 days till the grandest stage of WWE history. Anything is possible in WWE, and anything can happen! Comment below and let us know what you think.

There you have it Ronda Rousey is officially part of the WWE!!

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