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RUMOR: Carmella’s Role at Survivor Series, Jim Ross Gets a Movie?

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Carmella Cashing in at Survivor Series?

With James Ellsworth now a distant memory, Carmella is a free woman to do as she pleases. Still, one must not forget that in part because of her alignment with the Chinless Wonder gained her that pretty white briefcase. Though she’s teased cashing in the first-ever Money-in-the-Bank briefcase for a while, she hasn’t quite done it yet.

Reports are hinting that we may finally be seeing a big moment for the Princess of Staten Island. The rumored plan is that she will finally cash in her contract following the Charlotte vs. Alexa Bliss bout. However, the twist is that it won’t be Smackdown‘s champ she’ll be looking to overcome. Instead, she’ll be cashing in on Alexa. Thus, she will be making her move to Monday Night RAW.

This is a likely move, especially with her real-life boyfriend Big Cass on the Monday Night RAW roster. Though he’s out with an injury right now, he should be healthy enough by early 2018 to return to the ring. On the flip side, Asuka is a huge name in the RAW women’s division. So, bringing another woman over in an already crowded roster is very strange.

Jim Ross Hits the Big Screen

Well, maybe.

According The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a few big Hollywood producers are actually interested in good ‘Ol JR. The focus of the movie would be the life and career of the legendary announcer.

Jim Ross is a 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee with a well-off barbecue business. His recently released autobiography, Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling is so intriguing, it has gained the attention of Hollywood. You can now buy his aforementioned book on Amazon.

However, no word yet on who exactly has reached out to Jim Ross. It is also unknown whether or not he has any interest in a movie being made about him.

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