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Rumor Killer: Jinder Mahal Won’t Be Stripped of Title


Rumor Killer: Jinder Mahal to be Stripped of Title is FALSE

The last few months have sure been a ride for Jinder Mahal. Since his return to the WWE, he has done quite well for himself. From a Wrestlemania dud to earning a number one contendership match, the guy has been all over the place. Now, for the first time in his career, Jinder Mahal can add “WWE champion” to his list of accomplishments.

The original pitch by the creative team was that Mahal would win the match against Orton, but only hold the belt for a few days. In fact, many websites proved that Orton’s shoulder was up during the three-count. With that, WWE writers can change the course of the story if their ratings continued to fall with Mahal as champion. A “safety net,” so to speak.

Unfortunately, the WWE is unpredictable. Once again, plans have shifted. Jinder Mahal won’t be dropping the title anytime soon. Mahal will instead have a lengthy run with the WWE title. Mahal’s alignment with the Bollywood Boyz (now Singh Brothers) has formed an unstoppable force. With that being said, just how long will the run last? Who will finally be the one to overthrow Mahal and the Singh Brothers?

Currently, Mahal is penciled in to keep the title until at least September. That is when the WWE will begin its tour of India. Mahal’s championship run is directly related to the expanding Indian market.

India Info Line News recently posted online:

“WWE programming reaches more than 68 million TV households in India through Ten Sports.  Additionally, the Indian market now represents 10 percent of total fan ‘likes’ on the WWE global Facebook page, making it second behind only the U.S.”

What’s Next for the Title?

The fact that Mahal is currently champion is no surprise. The statistics are overwhelming. Mahal is bringing plenty of money in for the Indian market. But who will be the one to dethrone Smackdown Live’s newest champion?

The Money in the Bank ladder match is only  month away. That match will determine the next in line for the title.

What are your thoughts? Is the WWE making a bad move keeping Mahal as the champ? Or, do you think he should remain champion longer? Who do you think will be the person to put an end to Mahal’s reign? Let us know in the comments below!

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