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Rumor: Karen Jarrett Rips Into Braun Strowman

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Rumor: Karen Jarrett and Braun Strowman Incident

Yikes. Now, this isn’t a certain thing. Parts of it are actually quite likely. Some of it seems a little bit too forged. But, if this rumor is true, it certainly doesn’t look good for the ‘Monster Among Men’, Braun Strowman.

Apparently, there was an incident between Karen Jarrett and Braun before this week’s Monday Night Raw episode. Karen Jarrett is Kurt Angle’s ex wife, and as we all know, Kurt is the GM of the red brand. Unfortunately for Braun, he might not have recognized the woman.

It’s Only an Autograph, Right?

The story? Karen approached Braun before the show, asking him to sign an autograph for her son. Maybe he only knew that Karen was a GFW employee, and that’s why he acted out. Yet, the story goes that Braun Strowman was flat-out rude to Angle’s ex-wife.

Dave Meltzer reported on the incident as well:

“I’m not sure what got into Strowman, but he was rude and may have sworn at her. The version I heard had it [swearing] but that’s from someone who was far away. They didn’t hear the verbiage, but everyone saw what happened next.”

Karen Jarret must not like to be told no. After all, she went off on a loud rant. This caused quite the scene. During Karen’s rant, she threatened to tell Kurt Angle, who was her son’s father. Braun changed his tune quickly, begging the woman not to rat him out. He apologized, but Karen still said she was telling Kurt.

Meltzer then reported that Braun actually got to his knees and begged Karen not to say anything.

Karen’s response to the begging was pretty epic. Meltzer writes:

“She basically said something like, ‘now you’re only acting like that because you found out he’s Kurt Angle’s son. But even if he wasn’t you shouldn’t act that way to a mother wanting an autograph for her son.'”

Strowman is said to have admitted fault here. He says he is sorry.

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