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Rumor: ‘King of the Ring’ Returns as a UK Show Name

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King of the Ring Returns with a Twist

PWInsider has reported the WWE might bring the King of the Ring name back to television.

However, this wouldn’t be as the traditional singles elimination tournament, but as a WWE United Kingdom program. This is one of WWE’s many long-awaited rumors.

This program would be exclusive to UK competitors, such as the pro wrestlers from the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament last January. This standard is similar to how 205 Live only features cruiserweight wrestlers of the WWE.

The program would theoretically air on the WWE Network and British stations. It would also have to feature the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

PWInsider reported that ITV, a network based in the United Kingdom, might air WWE’s possible UK program.

ITV has a history of airing professional wrestling content that goes back to the 1980s.

The network currently airs the British promotion, World of Sport Wrestling.

There have also been rumors of WWE signing deals with Progress Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling.

Rumors arose a year ago, depicting how the WWE wanted to create a UK-based territory. Nonetheless, they decided to deliver a less severe approach with a tournament.

King of the Ring‘s last appearance on WWE television was in 2015.

UK Wrestlers’ WWE History

WWE's Plans For A Weekly U.K. Division Show May Not Be Dead Yet

The United Kingdom Championship Tournament last Winter concluded with Tyler Bate defeating Pete Dunne in the finals to become the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. Bate became the second youngest champion to ever be in WWE, at 19 years-old.

Dunne defeated Bate to become the new champion in their rematch last May at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. Their rematch is arguably one of the most favored WWE bouts of this year.

Since then, Bate, Dunne, and few other competitors from January’s tournament have sporadically competed on WWE NXT and at live events.

Writer’s Thoughts

The UK pro wrestlers are a very underrated group.

The tournament in January was phenomenal and Dunne vs. Bate in NXT was outstanding.

If WWE finally makes a UK-exclusive show, it would be a huge factor into evolving the industry.

Please comment below and tell your thoughts instead!

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