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Rumor: Lita returning to WWE?

Lita Audrey Le Pennec/via Flickr


Lita aka Amy Dumas, a WWE Hall-of-Famer, may return to WWE around summer 2017.

Who is Lita?

She was four-time WWE Women’s champion, and without question one of the greatest WWE stars of all time.

Though many people would argue she was better than Trish Stratus, but that’s another story.

The 42-year old Hall-of-Famer worked as a producer and host RAW, SmackDown and PPV pre-shows until she parted ways with WWE last December.

Some current fans may not remember her that much. Because Lita retired from WWE back in 2006 Survivor Series.

But she is still beloved, and a great candidate to return to WWE.

Returning for?

In a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lita will likely return to WWE, for the upcoming tournament. Named after another WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young, who passed away back in 2014.

Mae Young Classic Tournament!

Triple H announced on May that the 32-competitor women’s tournament will takes place this summer, on the WWE Network. And he tweeted “A tournament with top female talent from around the world, is the next stage of the Womens Evolution in WWE”.  That will take place on July 13th and 14th from Full Sail University.

Critical point!

For the first time in five years, at MCW Pro Wrestling, Lita returned to the ring. She won the match with the Twist of Fate, for her team.

But if the rumor circulating is TRUE, she will only be back for color commentating in the Mae Young Classic. And Legendary Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross will join her on the announcing table.

What’s next?

WWE haven’t confirmed the exact dates to air the tournament, but WWE Network will broadcast in an episodic format. We still don’t know if Lita will be competing as one of the participant? Or will we only see her at the broadcasting team.

That we have to wait and see!


The Writer’s View

Lita,even if, only came be back to do the color commentator, with Jim Ross. Down the line, WWE should negotiate with her to do one more run with the company. She can be a great help to the women’s locker room.

Think about new fresher story-lines with stars like Charlotte.

She can then officially hang her wrestling boots by passing the torch to someone worthy.

Side Note

WWE may refrain Mae Young Classic from airing in the usual one-week-one-episode format, but rather opt for airing 2-3 episodes at a time.

Regardless, the tournament has garnered widespread interest in the pro wrestling community, and Lita teaming up with Good Ol’ JR on commentary. This Tournament is a must-watch show on WWE Network, and price is still 9.99$.

Everything aside, it’s always good to see her back again in WWE.


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