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RUMOR: Roman Reigns to be the next ‘Paul Heyman’ Guy

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RUMOR: Roman Reigns to be the Next ‘Paul Heyman’ Guy

With WrestleMania season in full force, there’s already rumors circulating heading into the event. Now, this rumor is an interesting one. It has been noted that Roman Reigns will be turning heel, aligning himself with Paul Heyman. This heel turn is something that fans have been hoping for. Putting him with Paul is an excellent way to cement him as a top heel.

Although this is only a rumor, it does hold some credibility. Brock Lesnar is likely leaving the WWE during the summer months to pursue yet another UFC fight. That leaves Paul Heyman with nothing to do.

Original rumors have speculated that Paul Heyman will manage Ronda Rousey. However, the Wrestling Observer has other ideas for him.

Heyman could instead be paired off with the newly crowned Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Perhaps we could see Paul turning on his client, Brock Lesnar. It could perhaps be the exact type of union that RR needs to get going. Not to mention, Roman really needs that mouthpiece, as his mic skills are awful. I mean, sufferin’ succotash awful.

Sure, it hasn’t been confirmed that Roman will be winning the belt from Brock at ‘Mania, but that’s been the supposed plan for at least a year. After all, both men are the only men to have taken down The Undertaker.

There is some time to pass from now until WrestleMania, so plans could change. However, Brock’s contract is set to expire after the biggest show of the year, making the loss probable.

Additionally, Dana White has been vocal about his hopes that Lesnar will return to the UFC sooner rather than later.

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