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Rumors: Hideo Itami Leaving WWE, Stephanie McMahon’s Return, and John Cena

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Rumor: Hideo Itami to Leave WWE

According to some reports, NXT Superstar Hideo Itami is nearly finished with the WWE.

With Hideo Itami’s contract expiring in just a few months, his future with the company is unknown.  Itami’s run with the NXT brand has been plagued with unfortunate injuries. In fact, many of those who were part of his 2014 NXT class are already on the main roster. Itami, however, has gotten injured each time he gained momentum. He recently returned after overcoming a neck injury sustained in October of last year.

That being said, Itami may return to Japan following the completion of his contract. Apparently, Itami has several close family members living in Japan. It is likely he will return to Japan to be with his family and wrestle for another promotion there. Itami has already wrestled with AJPW. So, he could easily return to the promotion.

At this time, neither Itami or the WWE have confirmed or denied the rumors. Again, once Itami’s contract has expired, we will see the next plan for the Japanese superstar.

Rumor: Stephanie McMahon Returning to Television

Yes, bringing Steph back is inevitable. She stepped away from the ring for awhile following her last Wrestlemania appearance. Her husband, Triple H, has also been out of sight for awhile.

In recent weeks, the WWE has had some strange segments on RAW. One such segment involved Corey Graves and Kurt Angle. In the segment, Angle was distracted by a text.  He declares that it could “ruin him.” The mystery text message as a way to bring back Stephanie McMahon is highly probable. Bringing back Stephanie McMahon will cause an interesting dynamic between herself and Kurt Angle. The power struggle will lead to a full-blown feud.

If Stephanie McMahon returns, will Triple H come with her? Will we see Angle come out of retirement to battle the Game? This would also be a great way for Kurt Angle to bow out of the company after he decides his time is ending.

Rumor: John Cena to Defeat Mahal for Title

According to a recent post by, the Modern Day Maharaja’s time as champion is drawing to a close.

Currently, Baron Corbin is the favorite to win the “Money in the Bank” ladder match. As Baron Corbin is a heel persona, feuding with current WWE champion, Jinder Mahal, doesn’t make sense. For that reason, there won’t be a heel-against-heel title match. So, who is going to dethrone Jinder? Will it be AJ Styles? Sami Zayn? Or, will Nakamura finally get to step up to the plate?

The short answer? None of the above. John Cena will be returning to WWE programming on the 4th of July. Of course, the storyline is going to follow a similar model from the past.  It is a rehashed story: American Hero versus the Anti-American. In this case, the 17th world title win by Cena is evident. In fact, John Cena winning the belt upon his return would get a huge pop and help out the issues with ratings. It will certainly be an Independence Day to remember.

What do you think of these rumors? Do you think the WWE is making a huge mistake putting the belt back on Cena? Should Baron Corbin be the briefcase holder? Haven’t we seen enough of the Authority yet? And, of course, should Itami consider heading back to Japan? Let us know in the comments below!

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