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Rumor: Former Cruiserweight Champion Neville Walked Out from WWE

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Rumor: Neville Walks Out from WWE

Neville, master of the Imploding 450° splash known as “the Red Arrow,” competed on the independent scene under the ring name Pac. He later signed a contract with WWE in 2012.

He’s also the self-proclaimed “King” of the Cruiserweight Division.

Back in NXT

Adrian Neville made his television debut on January 2013 during an episode of NXT. During his earlier days there, he won the NXT Tag Team Champion twice. Neville was one-half of the inaugural champions with Oliver Grey. His other reign was with current announcer, Corey Graves.

He became NXT Champion at NXT Arrival after picking up a win in a ladder match.

This man held the record for the second longest title reign at 287 days in NXT history. He lost his NXT championship belt to Sami Zayn.

Debuting on the Main Roster

On March 30, 2015, Neville made his debut to the main roster during an episode of Raw. He had various feuds.

About a year into his main roster career, he suffered his first injury. The injury occurred during his match with Chris Jericho. Unfortunately for Neville, he fractured his ankle. That left him out of action for four months.

The King of 205Live

In 2016, he returned and turned heel for the first time in WWE. He made his ill-will known when he attacked the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann at Roadblock: End of the Line.

On January 2017 Royal Rumble, the King of the Cruiserweighst defeated Swann to capture the WWE Cruiserweight Championship for the first time, marking his first title win on the main roster.

The King is Dethroned

During an August episode of Raw, he lost the championship to Tozawa. That loss ended his record-setting reign at 197 days. However, he won the title back from Tozawa during the SummerSlam pre-show, making him the first-ever two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

The King most recently dropped the title to the latest member of 205Live, Enzo Amore.

Neville Turns Face

The following night on Raw, while Amore turned heel by disparaging the cruiserweight division, Neville showed signs of a face turn by speaking on behalf of the cruiserweights. During the segment, Neville and the entire division and attacked Amore despite knowing they would not earn a title shot if they harmed Amore.

But Rumors are Flying…

The King of Cruiserweights missed this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He then missed the following night’s episode of 205Live. It is an indication that he quit the promotion, and both shows had to change at the last minute because of the supposed “walk out”.

Pro Wrestling Sheet notes that Neville was the one originally set for the Lumberjack Match that happened in the main event of Raw this week. During the match, he was scheduled to lose. He walked out before the show started, and Kalisto was moved into that spot and, as you saw, was booked to win the title.

The Wrestling Observer is also reporting a similar story. They, too, say that he walked out before Raw. But in the meantime, WWE is denying that he quit the company.

Dave Meltzer reported the Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto match wasn’t suppose to happen until TLC.

It’s worth noting that not all wrestlers who ask for a release are immediately granted their request.

Writer’s Opinion for WWE Creative Team

Even though Enzo made 205Live interesting again, WWE can NOT neglect The King of Cruiserweights. Before the realest guy in the room entered, Neville was the reason the cruiserweight division was flourishing.

I believe that if WWE was smart, he’d be back on the main roster, feuding with Brock Lesnar for the title.

If it wasn’t for Vince’s iron-grip on “ONLY Reigns pins Lesnar, and becomes Universal Champion at WM34,” Neville could be the one slaying the beast in a traditional David versus Goliath storyline.


I hope the rumor turns out to be false and WWE can works things out with the King of the Cruiserweights.

Long live the King!

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