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Ryback Talks About WWE Network

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As WWE fans, we all are loyal by paying the 9.99 a month for the WWE Network. The network includes TV shows and every pay-per-view from the WWE.  However, former WWE Superstar, Ryback, has a different outlook on the network.

Ryback Speaks Out

Ryback says he has the network but doesn’t pay for it. WWE gives out free subscription to the talent who works for the company. He asked on several occasions to cancel it, but they will not. However, Ryback thinks that the company is losing money by giving away free monthly subscriptions. That is also including the one month free they give for the new subscribers.

WWE Network

Ryback states that with the free subscription, people are getting their free month and canceling after that month expires. Then, they go on and they create a new email address to start all over. He believes there is a glitch in the system that doesn’t catch the info being entered.

Some of these glitches might include the name, address, and most of all the credit card information. Ryback says they are “screwing themselves” by not being able to catch that.

Of course, he doesn’t work with the company anymore, but he has friends that does. Ryback says that they agree with them as well. WWE wants to be in the 3 million range with the network, but they have been stuck between 1.3 and 1.4 million, and won’t move up. Ryback hopes the WWE will be able to catch the error. If they don’t, they will just keep looking like fools with a system that can’t catch it.

What do you think about the WWE Network? Do you pay 9.99 a month? Are you one of the people Ryback talks about? What do you think is the future for the Network? Will the company finally figure out what is going on? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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