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Samoa Joe Injury Update

Samoa Joe Tanky510, via Flickr


It’s always sad when we see a WWE wrestler have to sit out of action. Whether it’s somebody you love or hate, it’s not a fun deal. On the January 8th episode of Raw, Samoa Joe suffered an injury; during his match against Rhyno.

Samoa Joe Injury Update

Joe joined Booker T’s podcast to talk wrestling, and most all to give us an update. The injury of The Destroyer caused him to be removed from the Mix Match Challenge and most of all, Royal Rumble. Joe said he understands the situation, and is trying to go with the flow, and wants to get back healthy.

“Anytime that you miss, like you say of the “Big Four” shows, or you miss a show in general, missing opportunities on PPV is always devasting.

A younger version of me would be definitely be stressing out and probably making this situation a lot worse. For me right now, I know what I need to do in order, to get healthy and get back. I understand the timetable.”


There is no set date to when Samoa Joe will return.

However, right now he is focused on getting healthy and stronger, so he can make his return real soon. Also at this point, we don’t know where he will start again.  Could he rejoin The Bar, and take out The Shield? Perhaps, battle with the newly reunited team Balor Club? Solo Superstar again maybe?  Who could he feud with? When will his return be? What does Samoa Joe have to do to build his way back up? Who do you think he will be feuding with? Feel free to comment below, tell us your answers and let us know what you think.

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