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Sasha Banks Reveals who she use to Fantasize About

Sasha Banks Jordan Richards, via Flickr


In the world of imagination, we all have a celebrity, we have fantasies about. Rather, its a movie superstar, singer, a football player, we all have done it. The biggest shocker is even the celebrities do it too. WWE Superstar Sasha Banks reveals who she use to fantasize about as a child, on live tv.

Sasha Banks Fantasizes about…

On a recent episode of MTV’s TRL(Total Request Live) revised series, Banks reveals who her crush use to be. During a game of Sink or Spill, where two people have cups sitting, in front of them, and they get balls. The balls will been thrown into the opponent’s cups. If you missed, you would have to answer a question. Banks missed, and did not get the ball into the cups, so she had to answer a question. The question she was asked, “Who did you use to fantasize about and why? However, The Boss blushed, and laughed, and replied with; “I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I use to fantasize about Sheamus as a kid.” Her reason for it, she thought he was cute. There you have it folks, Banks revealed her “secret”.

In the Mind of The Writer:

Did it shock you, like it shocked me? I honestly did not see that one coming. I honestly couldn’t see Sasha liking Sheamus that way. Cute? She said he was cute. Nah I don’t see it. Who are some of the celebrities, or people, do you fantasize about. Is it Sheamus? Are they in the WWE. or any other sport? Perhaps, its Ashton Kutcher? Oh i got it… just maybe it’s New England Quarterback Tom Brady. Mine happens to be a few WWE Superstars, and Finn Balor is one.  Whoever it may be we would like to know. Comment below, and let us know who it is. Tell us why it’s that person.

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