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Shawn Michaels Appearing at NXT Live Event

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Shawn Michaels Appearing at NXT Live Event

WWE is coming to Texas for Survivor Series weekend. Normally, when WWE visits Texas, they get a visit from The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. This time is no exception.

It has been announced that Michaels will be the special guest referee in the NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Drew Mcintyre. This match will take place at an NXT Live event on Friday, November 17th; the night before NXT TakeOver: WarGames. This match will also take place in San Antonio, which is Michaels’ hometown.

Michaels has been working at the WWE Performance Center for over a year and recently ran an NXT taping while Triple H was elsewhere. This will be the first time Michaels will publicly appear for NXT since taking the job.


This is cool. I say this because this is a real treat for the hometown crowd. Already a really good main event got even better with the addition of the Heartbreak Kid as a special guest referee.

However, I believe that WWE missed a major opportunity. As cool as it is to have Michaels be a guest referee at all, I think it would’ve been genius to have Michaels be the guest referee for each match at WarGames. I say this for one specific reason.

Think about the hardcore fans of Shawn Michaels. People will watch the PPV just because Shawn Michaels will be there. This would be a perfect way to show NXT wrestling to a new audience. If people watch the PPV and like the matches they see, they may watch NXT from then on.

Well nevertheless, the city of San Antonio is in for a treat and I’m sure Shawn Michaels will only add to an already strong main event!

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