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Sheamus Suffers Major Injury

Sheamus looks to have suffered a major injury... tanky510, via Flicr


The WWE maybe scripted, but however it’s so very real. The injuries that occur to the wrestlers, can sometimes be minor, major,or even career ending. Let’s focus on one Superstar, who is currently wrestling. The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

Sheamus = Injury

It has been stated that the Celtic Warrior who happens to be 1/2 of the Raw Tag Team Championship with Cesaro; has been suffering a neck injury for six months.

What’s the scoop?

It has been confirmed that Sheamus has serious Stenosis (spinal damage) which is a neck injury. He has been attending therapy to make it stronger, and hoping it will help the issue. However, this is the same issue, that forced Edge, and Daniel Bryan to step away from in the ring action. It’s a life and death situation, and needs to be addressed immediately! A few weeks ago, it was scripted into Monday Night Raw, saying he was in Ireland. Seth Rollins made a joke and said, he’s was at a weird Mohawk convention. Which in reality he was dealing with his neck injury.

Writer’s Thoughts

I don’t wish any kind of injury, on any wrestler. Not even on my least favorites. Lots of them, have a dream to be part of the WWE; and it means everything to them. I respect them because they put their life and body on the line, each and every night. People say wrestling is fake! Yeah sometimes you can tell it is, but as you can tell injuries are so very REAL!! What is the future for the Celtic Warrior? Will he have to give up his tag title soon? Will he have to end his career early? Is therapy really helping? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!!

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