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Shield Reunion? Good and Bad for Business

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Rumored Plans of a Shield Reunion

In the last several weeks, the WWE has teased a potential Shield reunion. This is a dream scenario for many fans. The Shield ran rough shot over WWE for an extended period of time. They were the modern day Four Horsemen. They beat everyone down and left many in their path of destruction. Fans have been clamoring for a Shield reunion for quite some time. Now it looks as though the fans may get their wish. Unfortunately, it may not be in the way they wanted.

Cageside Seats is reporting that WWE is planning on booking a WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match at Summer Slam between Sheamus and Cesaro and the reunified Shield of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Though this is a reunion of sorts, there is one missing piece. Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns is scheduled to compete in the Fatal 4 Way Match for the Universal Title at Summer Slam. He is firmly entrenched in the long term planning of WWE. Additional rumors indicate that the long term plans for Reigns include a WrestleMania match with either Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship or with John Cena. Though these matches are definite must see programming, it leaves the Shield angle falling short of expectations.

Good For Business

On one hand, the Shield are a huge draw for the WWE Universe. They can push merchandise and a Shield DVD wouldn’t be hard to imagine. An entirely new lineup of Shield T-Shirts and Fist Bump styrofoam hands would be a money maker for WWE.

A strong run with the tag team championship could bring legitimacy to the “belts” and elevate whoever eventually would dethrone them. New match ups would be on the horizon including The Shield vs The Hardys. How about the Shield vs the Revival? I could even see a cross branded match between The Shield and The New Day. All of these are exciting for tag team wrestling fans and die hard Shield followers.

Bad for Business

The issue here is what the long term planning would be. WWE has been laughably ill prepared for long term booking. Even at WWE Battleground, they couldn’t make up their mind about the finish of the AJ Styles and Kevin Owens bout until mid match. I could easily see WWE missing the mark and booking the Shield to split in a last minute decision that would lead to a host of matches we saw over the last 2 years.

They could end up killing Roman Reigns push and long term planning. Many fans would love that but it would put WrestleMania 34’s top of the card desperately thin.

Roman has climbed to the top of the mountain and seems to be firmly in place. To put him in a six man team would be a step down. The only way to book him in the group is to do an old school faction angle with the Shield ruling over Raw or Smackdown as heels which wouldn’t be financially prudent.

Summer Slam Revelations

It sounds as though the tag team match may be a lock for Summer Slam. Afterwards, the Universal Championship picture should begin to take shape. If the Shield win the tag titles, it would free up Brock Lesnar to face other opponents including Braun Strowman in a one on one program. Bray Wyatt versus Brock Lesnar is long over due.

Brock Lesnar versus Finn Balor could be back on the table. And finally, wait for it, Brock Lesnar versus Jason Jordan for the Universal Title could be in the works if they choose. Either way, WWE has a lot of decisions to make in the near future. Realign the Shield? Pit them against each other once again? With Roman? Without Roman? As tag champs? Without the tag title? Time will tell. Let’s hope WWE long term booking has faith and trusts the Shield.

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