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Possible Reason Why Shinsuke Nakamura Lost at SummerSlam

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Reason Why Shinsuke Nakamura Lost at SummerSlam

As Shinsuke Nakamura continues to grow in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before he ends up winning a world title. That being said, it looked like it was his time at SummerSlam as he stood toe-to-toe with Jinder Mahal. Though they put on a good show together even with the interference of the Singh Brothers, nobody expected Nakamura to come up empty-handed.

Unfortunately, the decision for Nakamura to lose wasn’t an easy one. In fact, it had nothing to do with Nakamura at all. Rather, it was because of Baron Corbin’s backstage heat that all of the plans were changed.

Originally, the plan was for the “King of Strong Style” to defeat Jinder Mahal. Then, he would have been immediately cashed in on by Corbin, who would have won. However, Corbin really got some heat from comments he made on Twitter. These comments were made to popular wrestling personality as well as a veteran military soldier. At some point, Corbin called the soldier a “loser.”

Apparently, he upset officials so much with the comments that he may never get a world title push again. This may also very much explain why he failed to cash in, losing to Mahal in a less-than-stellar way. There has also been talk that John Cena dislikes Baron Corbin’s attitude as well. Therefore, these events all led up to a Nakamura loss.

Now, the New York Times wrote a very favorable article about Jinder Mahal on August 18th. As we know, the WWE love publicity, and it looks good for them. Additionally, the WWE will begin its tour in India in September. Since Mahal is billed from India, they are hoping to “cash in” (terrible pun intended) on his heritage.

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