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WWE Monday Night RAW got Under Siege

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Raw after TLC ended in hype-mode for Survivor Series.

Previous Invasions

On February 24th, 1997, a group of ECW performers showed up in WWE including Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and others. They had been invited to compete in some matches but resulted was a chaotic scene indeed.

The Nexus invasion will never be forgotten by WWE fans as the first time they were introduced to this impactful stable of young Superstars looking to impress. On June 7th, 2010, they invaded Raw and took out everyone and everything in their way. Nobody was safe including John Cena.

Another is the WCW Invasion; but it’s not as impressive as they hope, so ECW was soon adds into the picture as well to create a two vs one brand battle for supremacy. But in the end, WWE came out on top.

Most memorable; when DX shows up to a taping of WCW Nitro in 1998, there was lots of fun to be had, but it was still a very serious matter.
Company lines were being drawn and DX wanted to declare war on WCW.

RED Team vs BLUE Team…

WWE worked hard to build the foundation of brand-on-brand warfare between Raw and SmackDown ahead of next month’s Survivor Series card, and did so in an extreme manner; when SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon led a blue-shirt invading mob to a blindside attack that closed the show.

Practically the entire SmackDown Live roster invaded Raw during the closing moments of the show and laid waste to the Red Team’s locker room.

Although there are sure to be more invasions of this nature during a feud like this, it’s an interesting concept because this kind of thing works so well in the past. We will get a chance to see Red Team heading to Smackdown Live tomorrow.

RAW Under Siege…

Right in the middle of Kurt Angle’s Survivor Series announcement, Shane McMahon made a Shield style entrance to invade Raw. McMahon is not all, and he is flank by the vast majority of the SmackDown roster.
McMahon tell the words “under siege” to Angle, who ran out of the ring, leading McMahon to exclaim; “Blue team, go get them!” Team SmackDown entered the backstage area, and viciously ran through what remained of the Raw roster (basically everyone except for Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt); by entering individual locker rooms, and confronting people as a mob in the hallways.


Eventually, Angle is being drag back to the ring by Team SmackDown, and McMahon got into his face.

“At Survivor Series, I want you to bring your gold medal, what’s left of your roster, and we are all going to finish what we started,”

McMahon said.

“Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.”

The SmackDown roster beats on the apron to taunt Angle. Shane’s music hits as he leaves with the rest of the blue brand Superstars. An embarrassed & angry Angle looks on from the ring as SmackDown leaves through the crowd.

RAW goes off the air with Angle frozen.



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