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Sneak Peak at Ric Flair’s New Book

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Recently in the news it’s been about Ric Flair and his health conditions, but he seems to be doing much better. However, as fans you can learn some great interesting details; about the Two time hall of famer. You will know about his public and private life, soon enough. How you ask? On September 19, Ric’s new book will be released.

Inside look to Ric Flair’s book

The book will be called “Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte. The first half of the book will focus on Ric’s induction into the Hall of Fame; and the legendary epic match with Shawn Michaels that sent him to retirement from the WWE. These to events happened on the same weekend in 2008.

The second half will detail the formative years of Charlotte, in her hometown of Charlotte. Also, included there is dozens of references to things,people, and places in the city.It will also include her rise through the ranks that led to her historic WWE Championship in 2016.

It will also talk deeply about the strong bonds Charlotte and her father Ric had with Reid Fliehr; Ric’s son and Charlotte’s brother. Reid was a once-promsing professioal wrestler who seemed to have been destined to carry on the family legacy; but died from accidental drug overdose in 2013 at the age of 25.

Facts in Ric’s Section

Ric will discuss his “Nature Boy” character and how it got developed. His four failed marriages will be mentoned as well. His third wife Tiffany Van Demark; took four robes out of his memorabilia room, after the divorce was final.She sold them to a stranger she met online, on the highway for $7500 for all four.

Ric stated they were 50,000 dollars each.The “Nature Boy” will also talk about his critcizing from former World Championship Executive Vice President Jim Herd;  he also reveals how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loaned him a large amount of money to get through financial struggles.

The incident in 2008 where his daughter Charlotte got arrested Chapel Hill, NC for being a peacekeeper for a fight that broke out involving her first ex husband at the time Riki Johnson. Flair will also take it back where he had been in denial about his son Reid’s substance abuse.

He was very angry how the social media covered the issues, and he puts a blame on himself for his death. Ric beliveves he should of never pushed him hard in life. Ric will never recover from not being able to save his son.

Facts Reaveled from Charlotte’s Section

Charlotte will reveal her family’s wealthness, to which she had her own mini house in their backyard. It included hardwood floors, ceiling fans, and a loft bedroom upstairs. She will also mention to how she blames Ric’s third wife Tiffany VanDemark the reason her family was broken up. It was revealed that Tiffany said alot of mean things about Charlotte’s family and her father.

Riki Johnson and his violent “Jekyll and Hyde” attiude that Charlotte would like to call it, will be mentioned. Charlotte filed for divorce one year after marriage, after she found out that her brother and Riki did drugs together.

Charlotte will break down and talk about her brother. How it was her brother Ric that pushed her success towards a WWE Career, and believes she is now living his dream.

Charlotte says:

“I sense his presense mostly in the ring performing.”

Writer’s Thoughts

Here was a sneak peak of what will be revealed in the new book coming out Sept 19. Make sure to grab a copy. Also make sure to grab Ric’s first book called “To Be The Man.” I find it very intresting that we are able to see what our Role Models and idols go through. They may be a celebrity but deep down inside they are regular people just like us. The struggles and the ups and downs and everything including the facts of life.

I am personally thinking about grabbing me a copy of the book and finding out more about Ric and his life.There is a chance I might be able to relate to him some way.

I currently read AJ Lee’s autobiography and I related to her in so many ways. Just maybe Ric and Charlotte will do the same. Do you excited to read the book? What would like to be covered? Feel free to comment below and let us know what think.

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