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Speculation for the ‘Sister Abigail’ Character (Spoilers)

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Sister Abigail is Alive…Kind of

Monday Night RAW saw an interesting and eerie promo from former WWE champion, Bray Wyatt. Bray has been engaged in a long feud with fan-favorite, Finn Balor. Between all the hype of the Shield and Braun Strowman, the proclamation that Sister Abigail was alive and wanted to meet Balor was largely missed by fans. Bray is scheduled to go toe-to-toe with Finn at the upcoming Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view.

Fans have been dying for a Sister Abigail character for literally years. And, coming off from the Mae Young Classic, the possibility seemed certain.  So, naturally, after this promo by Wyatt, the internet went crazy. Speculation began, stating that we’d see an Abigail finally debut. Rumored names of superstars were splattered across Twitter and Facebook alike. In fact, even Bray Wyatt’s real-life sister, Mika Rotunda, acknowledged the rumor that she’d enter the ring as the all-knowing Abby:

Oct 3

Today, I woke up to no less than 150 tweets asking me if I’m Sister Abigail. RUN

As if that wasn’t enough, Sage Beckett also posted a cryptic message as a response to the storyline. Sage is currently training with the NXT brand. Apparently, though, that’s been debunked as well. As a matter of fact, even the returning Paige has been thrown into the possibility of playing Abigail.

But it won’t be the former NXT Women’s champ, either. Nope, the WWE has something even stranger in mind. Sister Abigail is reportedly going to be played by Bray Wyatt. Now, don’t expect Wyatt in a dress. Instead, the character will be portrayed similar to Finn Balor’s “demon.” A dual identity, more or less.

Writer’s Thoughts

Facepalm. Why? I can’t even comprehend why the WWE would go this route. We’ve seen this done already, haven’t we? Even Kane had been given an angle like this recently.

I love the idea of bringing in a scary, gnarly female character to oversee the Wyatt family. Bring Bray, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan together once again under Abigail’s control. They’d be unstoppable and odd.

That being said, I love the idea of Sage Beckett joining the swamp people. She’s intimidating and her in-ring skills are sharp. Regardless, out of all the competitors for the Mae Young Classic, the WWE officials can’t find someone who would fit the character? Come on. That’s just bad writing.

So, who do you think ought to play the character? Is the WWE making a mistake by having Bray Wyatt perform as both? And, if he doesn’t pull it off, is the end of Bray Wyatt’s career within sight? Let us know in the comments below!

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