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Steve Austin Comments on SummerSlam Main Event

Steve Austin Gage Skidmore/via Wikimedia Commons


Stone Cold Steve Austin Praises SummerSlam Main Event

Stone Cold Steve Austin gave his opinion on the main event of this years SummerSlam. The fatal 4-way match was between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strownman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns. From bell to bell, the match was an all-out brawl between the four competitors. There was a fair share of violence and destruction in this match. It looks as though the “Texas Rattlesnake” likes what he saw.  Steve Austin took to twitter like many others to voice their excitement in the aftermath of the main event:

“Damn what a main event!! Awesome match. Great ride. Hard Work. #SummerSlam @WWE”.

This is the tweet of Austin, and though just a few simple words, it surely will mean a lot to the guys in the match.

Austin’s opinion on the main event of SummerSlam seems to be similar to the majority of wrestling fans. The match delivered on all expectations and more. Braun Strowman put Brock Lesnar through two announce tables and then proceeded to flip another announce table on top of Brock Lesnar. Samoa Joe looked great, putting the monster into the Coquina Clutch and nearly winning the Universal Championship multiple times. Roman Reigns put on another great, big match as he is known to do now. Brock Lesnar came back from being stretchered out of the match and won with an F-5, seemingly staying put with the company for now.

In case anyone didn’t know, Stone Cold does his own podcast: The Steve Austin Show. Austin breaks down every WWE pay-per-view, and SummerSlam will be no different. On his podcast, fans will be able to hear his thoughts on the SummerSlam main event in detail and the rest of the pay-per-view soon. For now, fans already know that the Texas Rattlesnake thinks extremely highly of the main event. Getting Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stamp of approval can arguably be one of the biggest approvals in all of wrestling.


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