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Intercontinental Title Rivalry at Summer Slam

Intercontinental Jesse


The WWE Universe knew that if Raw General Manager Kurt Angle revealed his secret, it would lead to big things for Monday Night Raw.

Kurt’s big secret was only to reveal that the former  member of American Alpha Jason Jordan was his biological son.

WWE  officials have huge plans for Jason Jordan at SummerSlam.  Jordan could be the next challenger for the Intercontinental Champion.

How is that even possible for SummerSlam? Intercontinental match?

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated The “Miz”, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel on last weeks’ Monday Night Raw in a 2 on 3 handicap match. Ambrose and Miz have been feuding over the Intercontinental Championship for most of the year.

The match on Raw has seemed to end the feud for the lunatic fringe, and the must seen wwe superstar. Ambrose and Rollins are rumored to be going after the tag team titles, so that leaves The “Miz’ for new a  rivalry. Who is a better rivalry for The Miz? None other then Jason Jordan son of Kurt Angle.

WWE announced that The “Miz” will invite Jason Jordan as his guest on the next edition of MizTV, which will occur on July 31st Raw.

The creative team of the WWE is calling to have Jordan win the belt at SummerSlam. However, with The Miz losing the title could call for him to blame Kurt Angle for nepotism in the company, and will result in The “Miz” lobbying for Kurt Angle to be fired from WWE.

What does the WWE really have up its sleeve for SummerSlam? That’s the thing, we don’t really know. The company keeps us guessing each and every day, with surprises and out of the blue events. Will Jason Jordan become the new champion or will the era of The ‘Miz” keep going?

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