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The Complex BROKEN Hardy Situation

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Hardy Point of View

After departing Impact Wrestling in February, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been engaging in a war over the use of the characters that were portrayed on Impact Wrestling Shows throughout 2016.

The Hardys allege that the concept of the BROKEN character was created by Matt Hardy himself.

The involvement of several characters including his wife Reby, son Maxwell, and Senior Benjamin (Reby Hardy’s Real Life Father) were used to further the story.

He has stated on numerous occasions that characters that were pivotal in the launch of the concept were created to foster the entire BROKEN gimmick and included talents that were not under contract to Impact Wrestling.

In addition, many of the vignettes shot to further the BROKEN story lines were filmed at the Hardy Compound.

On the surface, it would seem as though this would provide some substantiation of the Hardys claim to the gimmick.

Enter Anthem and Jeff Jarrett

In January, after a tumultuous 2016 riddled with financial shortfalls, television distribution concerns, potential ownership changes; and tape library sales rumors, Anthem Inc stepped up to the plate and purchased the majority stake in Impact Wrestling.

Some of the first changes that they made included making the decision to not aggressively resign their expiring talent contracts. Several talents pursued other opportunities including the Hardys.

Despite the BROKEN gimmick being portrayed on Impact programming, the Hardys continued to use the gimmick in various promotions. This brought the hammer down from Impact Wrestling.

Anthem sent cease and desist orders to Ring of Honor to prevent the BROKEN Hardy gimmick from appearing.

The Hardys posted videos of them transforming the TNA Tag Team Belts into their own alternative championship.

Impact wrestling crowned new tag team champions. Most importantly, the legal team for Impact Wrestling made it virtually impossible for the Hardys to use the gimmick. This angered many fans that felt it was the most engaging angle in wrestling throughout 2016.

WWE Steps In

The Hardys made their triumphant return to WWE at WrestleMania, winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship in their first match back.

There was immediate speculation that the BROKEN gimmick would be brought to WWE programming. Despite the repeated hints at a BROKEN transformation on WWE programming, the characters have yet to debut.

WWE has aided the Hardys in their legal efforts to acquire the rights to the gimmick but they have yet to secure a deal allowing the incarnation of the Hardy Boys to appear.

The Latest BROKEN News

Understanding where the negotiations are is difficult. In the last week, it has been reported that the two sides were closing in on a deal. Then it was reported that the sides were further apart than ever.

Yesterday, it was referenced on a conference call with creative head for Impact Wrestling Jeff Jarrett that they have not acquired the rights to the gimmick.

Within moments, that was refuted online by Matt’s wife Reby. She claims that a deal was reached a week ago. She claims the terms of the deal included her paying a $5000 fee for any disparaging remarks she would make with regards to Impact Wrestling.

It was revealed today through multiple websites that the deal was agreed to a week ago. The deal is on hold without the signature of the head of Anthem Inc., Ed Nordholm.

It is theorized by many that he will not, under any circumstances, sign the deal which would severely limit the Hardys options.

If that happens, they would only have legal channels remaining to attempt to bring the gimmick to WWE.

Jeff Jarrett has explained his interpretation of Intellectual Property Law which is sound. The whole issue could be resolved in a matter of days or may be far from over.

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