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The Miz Wants To Wrestle Daniel Bryan

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The Miz Wants To Wrestle Daniel Bryan

One of the biggest stories in the wrestling business recently is Daniel Bryan getting closer to being able to wrestle in WWE once again. When asked about this topic, Bryan’s hated rival The Miz gave his thoughts.

“I would love to beat him up. I would love to beat him up in a WWE ring, all day every day. But I don’t know what the plans are for Daniel. I know his passion is in the WWE ring, now whether that’s as a general manager or as a professional wrestler, I don’t know, I don’t know his plans.”

“I know he’s working tremendously hard to get back in the WWE ring, and I [have my] fingers crossed because I would love to have a match with Daniel Bryan. He’s one of the best in-ring technicians that WWE has ever seen, and I would like to showcase how much better I am than him.”


I hope WWE clears Bryan. I know for a fact that until they clear him, Bryan is just going to keep trying until his contract expires. If that happens, he’ll be the hottest wrestler on the indies. WWE doesn’t want to lose him to the indies or any other company. The only way they’ll keep him is to clear him.

Also, I hope that if/when Bryan returns to wrestling, his first feud is against The Miz. These two have such great chemistry and would have a great rivalry. From the looks of it, The Miz would also be interested in working with Bryan.

This all depends on if WWE clears Bryan to wrestle once again. If they do, maybe he’s a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match? Hopefully Bryan is cleared soon!

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