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Triple H gets the Cruiserweight Division Back

The tournament to crown a new champion in the Cruiserweight Division had started WrestlinG Culture via Flicker


Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight Division, also known as 205Live, just like WWE’s ECW Brand, is a struggling brand in WWE programming. But it is not because of the talent, it is more from the creative side.

Who is making the downfall of 205Live?

It’s no surprise to fans who’s creating the downfall of 205Live; the creator of WWE himself, Vince McMahon.  Just like he did with the rebirth of ECW, he just brings it back, but only to kill it again.

205’s new format is reportedly what WWE originally planed for the show, before McMahon personally got involved. He allegedly believes a character-driven show is the way to go, and that’s why 205 didn’t look and feel like the tournament that established the division.

As per PWI, WWE had spent the past few months discussing 205’s failure, bringing in Enzo Amore to transition towards a more character-driven show. This failed, and now WWE shifted to the Cruiserweight Classic’s blueprint, with the show eschewing overlong talking segments, and Raw/SmackDown-style dramatics.

Unlike ECW, 205Live sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Those who’ve tuned into 205Live over the past few weeks will notice a clear shift away from the ‘Raw Lite’ format that had defined the show since its inception, and towards a style more in line with 2016’s Cruiserweight Classic, with in-ring action given a stronger focus.

According to PWInsider, these changes are down to a significant backstage power shift. Vince McMahon has reportedly stepped away from producing the show, handing over the reins to Triple H, who has installed Drake Maverick as General Manager, and started a 16-man tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion at WrestleMania 34.

Triple H is now overseeing things, Insider says, along with lead writer Jonathan Baeckstrom and lead producer Adam Pearce.

Cruiserweight Division : Andrew Aung TSJ Writer’s View,

Under Triple H’s control, I see new names joining the division, and also see big and terrific matches. On top of this, stories are becoming easier to follow and care about; rather than the insane types fans had to witness before. And I personally think Finn Balor should downgrade himself to this division. He can become the champ in no-time; and build himself up like Neville.

My Editor thinks it wouldn’t make sense because Balor ‘s already been the Universal Champion and moving him there will detrimental his spot on the main roster. But just like NXT, under Triple H’s management, Balor won’t be treated as an afterthought or not OVER with the fans, unlike the Meekmahan’s management.

Just like the days in NJPW as Prince Devitt, he can still have his Balor/Bulletproof Club by his side. They can create chaos, and finally have a feud with the Universal Champion when the “Roman Reigns must become Universal Champion Again” project is OVER. They can have the champion vs champion match which balor (as a heel) wins; and becomes a very cocky heel universal champion back in the main roster with his stable by his side.

Last is, change the name 205Live to CWC250 or WCW250 (World Cruiser Weights); and by adding the weight up can bring so many great but unused talents from the main rosters.

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Tournament announced for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at 205 Live//