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TSJ Writer’s View on WWE Main Roster Women Superstars

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Women Superstars

The women Superstars on the WWE main roster (Raw and Smackdown Live) are now stacking up with call ups from what could be considered their third brand, NXT.

Returns and Debuts

Finally, the WWE Universe witnessed the returning Paige. She’s been out with a neck injury for 17 months. But an additional five NXT women debuted on this Monday’s Raw, and Tuesday’s Smackdown Live.  Just a month ago, we saw Asuka debuting Raw. Sadly, she hasn’t even been properly pushed yet.

Now Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are Raw‘s newest additions. Then, on the other side, SD Live got Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan.

Too many can be overkill…

So there have been quite a few ladies called up to the main roster, and it’s not a bad thing. But, too many women superstars gunning for 1 title on each brand can make things worse. Sure, we can see fresh new matches. But even still, while one may become the champion, the others have to go into nonsense feuds. If WWE does decide to stack up the women’s division, they need to bring a second title fast!

It’s either the Tag Team Championship Belts which both brands need to fight for; or Secondary Title belt for both brands. Rename the Women’s Championship Belt to Women’s Featherweight Championship Belt, and their secondary to Women’s Television Championship Belt.

Women Superstars need Tag Team Championship Belts

For the Women’s Tag Team Championship Belts and how it should be defended, it’s written in my previous article. You can check it out by clicking the link.

Main Event Stars and Secondary Stars

The WWE creative team needs to divide who’s going to be in the main event and who’s going to be in the secondary first. If WWE, “lets bygones be bygones” with Sasha Banks, she can be a great main-eventer.  On Raw: Paige, Banks, Asuka, and heel Bayley should be in the women’s title picture; while Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, and Dana Brooke & Mickie James (Alicia Fox as manager) could go after the tag team titles.

On Smackdown Live: Naomi, Carmella, Natalya, and Ruby Riot should gripe for the women’s title. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan, Tamina & Lana, Becky Lynch & Charlotte (temporary) for the tag team titles. But if I were part of the creative team I’d rather bring Peyton Royce & Billie Kay “The Iconic Duo”, and send Morgan to 205Live with Enzo. Logan could become Wyatt’s Sister Abigail, because she plays the “Crazy” Mary Dobson gimmick in indie circuit so well.

Note: Trust me, if WWE doesn’t do things properly, it’s just going be a messy storyline massacre…without any solid storyline. And we will also continue to see more walk-outs, frustrated Twitter rants, and backstage heat.

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