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WWE Superstars

Superstars come from different places, and are very talented. But some aren’t getting a much-needed push that they deserve; rather giving someone else that the company sees fit. For example Roman Reigns!

RAW Overlook Wrestlers,

Finn Balor

YES, he may lose his momentum after an injury and suffers a concussion during a match with Jinder Mahal.  That’s when “Balor is not at the main event level” stated by Vince Mcmahon, I think. And Mr.Mcmahon is not a fan of normal 80’s style Balor. On the other hand, The COO Triple H gives a “Too Sweet” to Balor, giving his support during Survivor Series match.

What should WWE do? “The demon” should be his FACE persona, and “cool leather jacket guy” should be his HEEL persona. After that let him forms a stable with his Good Brothers, and gives it a run. This way WWE can even overshadow the bullet club. In conclusion, Finn Balor needs a serious HEEL push.

Bray Wyatt

When Bray’s on SmackdownLive; fans get to see him in a much deserving heavyweight title push, but soon after the title was handed to Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33.

After that Bray was drafted to RAW, and all came crumbling down. He’s more of a mid-card wrestler; didn’t even get the IC title or the tag titles. He only feuds with another overlooked wrestler Finn Balor; having to go series matches from man vs man to god vs demon; to almost bray dressing up like sister Abigail (thanks to viral infection) vs Balor’s demon.

So what’s next for the eater of worlds? He’s talented both in-ring & on the mic, but what’s making WWE not to get behind him. I know he might be the one being fed to Lesnar at Royal Rumble.

WWE Superstars “overpushed” on RAW,

Roman Reigns

Recently won Intercontinental Champion, grand slam champion, and possibly the next face of WWE has been given a mega push; even after he was suspended for a wellness violation.  Without caring what WWE Universe is saying, Reigns is pushed as a face, even beating Super Cena.

And now Mr.Mcmahon is protecting Universal Champion Brock Lesnar from losing; so that Lesnar could properly pass the torch to Reigns at Wrestlemania 34.

It’s going to happen, wrestling fans!

What Reigns should become,

Fans are predicting that it’s Dean Ambrose that is going to turn on his fellow Shield Brothers. If I’m in the creative position, I rather make reigns turn on both Dean & Seth; powerbombing both and turn heel. People might think Heel vs Heel at WrestleMania 34 isn’t best for business; but if u look at it, Lesnar will get the Face reaction going against Reigns.

Everyone knows Reigns will get more heat after he beats Lesnar for the title and possibly retiring him. So I’m saying this to Mr.Mcmahon, just pull the trigger on Reigns heel turn; this will benefit everyone, including Reigns.

Jason Jordan

Kurt Angle’s “son” is getting boring, true he’s talented but he won’t be as popular as a face or a heel; he’d rather just stay in a tag team division. His sobbing plea to his (kayfabe) father, and his father’s subsequent “forced” decision; to pull him from the men’s traditional Survivor Series elimination match, for me, is a fail.

Is Jordan Heel turning a must? Maybe, but it won’t get him in the Heavyweight Title Picture unless meekmahan said so.

But for Reigns’ heel turn is a MUST and something that the fans are waiting to see, for a long time.

Why not listen to the Fans!

WWE Superstars on SmackdownLive,

There are not much overlooked or overpushed superstars on the Blue Brand. Except:


He’s very talented and undoubtedly the “Samoa Joe of Smackdown”. Aj Styles next feud should be with him and Bobby Roode, not Jinder Mahal. Let Lana become his Russian manager again; like the old days, because Lana isn’t getting any push as well as a wrestler.

Other minor issues are:

  1. Bobby Roode needs to turn Heel, his Face persona is not so Glorious (sorry).
  2. The Fandango (Fashion Police), what you want to call them, has to become the tag team champions at Wrestlemania 34.

For Kevin Owens & Sammi Zayn, if Daniel Bryan turns heel and they become a faction; we would be in for a treat.

As for Ziggler, he is just like The Miz, and can bring back excitement if he becomes the US Champion. And he can feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, which will benefits both wrestlers.

So this concludes my views of some Overlooked and Overpushed wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment. Let us know what you think and who I missed. Everyone is entitled to give their own opinions, so feel free to do so, I’m more than happy to read your comments (good or bad towards me).

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