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Tyson Kidd Spotted Backstage at SmackDown Live

Tyson Kidd Flickr via Anton Jackson


 Tyson Kidd seen backstage during SmackDown Live

Tyson Kidd, former WWE superstar and now producer, was backstage with his wife, Natalya, during this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

The former tag team champion has been out of action since 2015 after suffering a life threatening neck injury during a dark match. Since then, Kidd has transitioned into a role as a producer within the WWE but hasn’t made a return to the ring.

Natalya posted this photo of the two backstage during SmackDown Live

right before tj hip-tossed me.. Told you we'd make it through! #unbreakable

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Before his injury, Kidd was a three time tag team champion. His most notable reign was his last one with Cesaro in the spring of 2015. It was later that year when Kidd sustained the neck injury during a dark match with Samoa Joe. Joe delivered his signature ‘Muscle Buster’, which caused severe neck and spinal injuries. An injury so severe that even Kidd himself tweeted that only 5% of people who sustain that severe of an injury survive.

Kidd even posted this photo of his neck post surgery

What could this mean for Tyson Kidd?

Post injury, Kidd has transitioned into a role working as a producer for SmackDown Live. It appears that he has begun that role, but there isn’t much else to it. As far as helping better the product, Kidd was a great in-ring competitor. In-ring ability is something he can help younger talent perfect.

As far as in a return, that’s not likely. Kidd’s injury was very serious. He himself even said that his chances of surviving were very slim. He was lucky to come out of the injury in the shape that he is in.

However, it’s still great to see Kidd with the company.

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