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For all the wrestling fans out there, we know that SummerSlam is the second biggest pay-per-view next to the WWE “Superbowl” known as WrestleMania. One WWE superstar is rumored to be pushed big time after SummerSlam. But, who, who, WHO could it be? Well, it’s none other then the underdog Sami Zayn.

How did the “Underdog” get started?

Sami Zayn signed with the WWE back in 2013. This was after he found success on the independent circuit under the ring name, “El Generico.” Like everyone else, Zayn started down in the WWE development brand, NXT. He had some great matches and rivalries. Those rivalries included the current WWE Crusierweight Champion Neville and former United States Champion Kevin Owens. The last ever match Zayn had in NXT was against Shinsuke Nakamura, which happened to be the “King of Strong Style”‘s debut match.

What’s in the future for Zayn?

Is there going to be a championship run and more opportunities for Zayn? Will Vince McMahon and the WWE officials finally push him? It’s really just the matter of time and a lot of sitting back to actually know for sure if Sami Zayn’s hard work actually paid off. Until then, rumors will just be rumors.

SummerSlam will held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on August 20th.

Writer’s thoughts

I honestly really never cared for Sami Zayn, but in my opinion he is indeed an underdog wrestler that deserves a push. He reminds me a lot of current Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan. No matter what life throws at Zayn, he gets right back and pushes himself towards success. He doesn’t give up.  He is a good wrestler, and a great athlete. Certainly, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. As of right now, it’s just rumored that he is going to be pushed…but I hope the rumor comes true. Every underdog with great spirit such as Sami Zayn deserves some kind of a push.

What do you think the WWE should do with Sami? Does he need to be sent back to NXT? Will he finally head in the direction he deserves? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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