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Update: Nia Jax Returns to WWE

Nia Jax Rumors


What’s going on with Nia Jax?

Rumors and stories are circulating here and there about WWE Women’s Superstar, Nia Jax. Is she unhappy? Did she ask for her release? Did she really just walk away from the WWE? What’s really the truth?

Truth about Nia Jax

WWE wouldn’t release any information on Jax. So, people started assuming and spreading rumors about her status. There were a lot of folks throwing out false news about the WWE Superstar.

However, Nia wasn’t scheduled for WWE live events. She also was not scheduled for last week’s Raw. So, it would be impossible for her to “walk out” and quit when she was not even there to begin with.

It has been noted that Nia Jax will be off for a few weeks and will return for next month’s European tour. That won’t be starting until November 11th. Jax is indeed on a leave of absence, although her and the WWE did not word it like that.

Friends of Nia Jax have all confirmed that she didn’t quit the company, didn’t ask for the time off, nor is she unhappy with the company. WWE has denied she ever walked out or quit.

Writer’s Thoughts

I had a feeling that Jax wasn’t done with the WWE just yet. She has accomplished so much after she has come to the main roster. Jax has not received a title run with the Raw Women’s Championship yet, but I believe that it’s coming real soon.

She has had several opportunities in title matches, but always got the short end of the stick. I am a fan of Nia Jax and she will successfully earn her a chance at the title!

What are you thoughts? Do you think Nia Jax will earn a title shot? What is her future in the WWE? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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