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WWE CEO Vince Mcmahon Doesn’t See Finn Balor as a Main Eventer.

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Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is determined that Balor isn’t as popular as he hoped and that he’s not big-ticket or main event material; this is a problem for Balor, the WWE and all of the Balor Club; who are eagerly waiting for both Balor and the “Demon King” to return to Universal Championship status.

This past week: Universal champion Brock Lesnar took on WWE champion AJ Styles in a dream match that many WWE fans never thought they would see. Although Lesnar ultimately came out on top with an F5, Styles hit the Raw champion with two phenomenal forearms and the 450 splash.

So, who will be his next challenger? Is Finn next for Lesnar?

Finn re-claims momentum after his stellar impromptu TLC PPV match with AJ Styles, though. Upon his big victory, people think WWE is back to reinvesting in Balor’s push; but he lost cleanly to a 50-year old Kane the next night on RAW.

So Lesnar’s next challenger is unlikely to be Finn Balor.

According to Dave Meltzer, The CEO of WWE doesn’t believe Balor is ‘over’ enough to draw in a matchup with Lesnar; resulting in him losing the opportunity for the Universal Title match at Royal Rumble.

Even though the entire arena joins in with Balor’s entrance, he’s one of the best in-ring performers in the company, and one of the top babyfaces; would suggest Vince is wrong. However, his size could be the true root of the issue.

A report by has some more information about Mr.Mcmahon not being sold on Finn Balor being a main event star. Rather sees Finn Balor as a newer version of Dolph Ziggler treatment; and as a performer with a great series of matches, but no reward atop the card or faith from the office.

Vince McMahon only wants The Demon King?

A source close to WWE creative relayed that Mr.McMahon sees Balor as bland when he is not portraying ‘The Demon’ persona. The original story claims, WWE once behind the 36-year old Irishmen, but lost enthusiasm.

The Demon King now finds himself firmly planted in WWE’s mid-card. While still certainly an attraction, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be re-entering the main event for quite some time. Currently embroiled in a feud with Samoa Joe, and lost last Monday night on Raw.

Now, Mr.McMahon is holding Balor back for two of his personal favorites in Reigns and Mahal. So Balor made it clear how salty he is on Twitter, and we know how easy it is for Mr.Mcmahon to get offended.

Balor’s tweeted:

And then this tweet the day after:

At this time, WWE doesn’t have an opponent for The Beast Incarnate at the Rumble and are said to be ‘scrambling’ for an opponent, according to And McMahon does not want anyone to kick out of the F5 until ‘Mania, likely because he wants Reigns to do so.

Lesnar’s contract is said to be finishing up in 2018, and his bout with Reigns could well be a passing of the torch moment – whether the fans like it or not.

Writer’s View:

My suggestion: let Balor run his own idea, and his style is more suitable being a HEEL. So let Balor have his brothers and form a “Balor Club”, move them to SmackDown Live. If they stay on RAW, they will be fed to The Shield. And Bray Wyatt is Lesnar’s next victim.

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