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Vince McMahon Furious With Top Superstar?

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Vince McMahon Furious at Shinsuke Nakamura For Botch VS Cena

Recently on WWE Smackdown Live, we saw a dream match between two of the biggest stars in the company. This match featured 16-Time WWE Champion John Cena, and WWE’s rockstar Shinsuke Nakamura. The match lived up to the hype with Nakamura getting the win.

However, right before the end of the match, Nakamura dropped Cena right on his neck in a scary botch. Thankfully, Cena wasn’t hurt and continued to support Nakamura following the mistake. But Nakamura’s mistake didn’t sit well with the boss.

Vince McMahon was reportedly furious with Nakamura after the botch because of the obvious safety concern. However, Vince still has faith in Nakamura after the mistake and will have full confidence in him come Summerslam on sunday. But if another dangerous mistake is made, Nakamura will be in much more trouble.

Both Cena and Nakamura dodged bullets with this mistake, hopefully this is a mistake that won’t happen again.


Watching this match live, I was terrified when I saw Cena land on his neck like that. I’m so happy that Cena’s okay. Nakamura was quick to check on Cena after the fall and obviously knew that he messed up the move.

Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the best technical wrestlers in the company. Seeing a botch this bad for someone who’s so good was surprising but it happens to the best of them.

I’m glad Mr. McMahon isn’t going to punish Nakamura for one mistake. I can understand why he would be mad at Nakamura. But mistakes like this don’t happen often, especially from someone as talented as Nakamura.

Luckily, everyone involved in this scary situation will get out okay!

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