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Vince McMahon Makes Landmark Announcement

Vince McMahon announced the launch of the new XFL


Vince McMahon Makes Landmark Announcement

Earlier today, the WWE sent out a presser; as CEO Vince McMahon was set to make a huge announcement. They also made the announcement via their website:

“WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon will make a major sports announcement today at 3 p.m. ET, streaming live from the digital platforms of his new enterprise, Alpha Entertainment.

The live stream will be available via Alpha Entertainment’s Twitter (@AlphaEntLLC), Facebook ( and YouTube ( pages, as well as”

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Many believed that the announcement would be the return of failed business venture, the XFL. Based off of the fact that McMahon’s company filed for trademarks related to the XFL; it is easy to see how that would be the announcement. However, earlier this week, WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque said that McMahon would be open to talks regarding the sale of the WWE as a whole.

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Levesque’s announcement came on the heels of news that FOX was looking to land TV rights for the WWE. Add to that that FOX was also said to take interest in purchasing the company; just as Disney, YouTube/Google, along with NBCUniversal looking to keep WWE TV on USA Network.

However, it was the announcement of a “NEW” XFL. with less commercial breaks, more understandable rules, and starting off with the original 8 team league concept, with 40 man rosters. Stating that the XFL would return in 2020, it would be readily available on all media devices, and also wished to make it more interactive for the fans.

Presentation of this NEW XFL…

When asked about how the league would be presented, he said that it would be, or really could be made available over several different platforms. Not just over the WWE Network or its own streaming service, but also available over broadcast television.

McMahon stated that the XFL would be stand-alone, not linked to the WWE in any fashion. The reason is that, like many, have stated when that original league; it was never given its chance to stand on its own.

When asked whether the President, Donald Trump, would support the league, he stated he thinks he would support it. This was asked in reference to the “Take a Knee” movement which has taken place in the NFL. McMahon stated that while freedom of speech wouldn’t be denied, it would be mandatory for all players to play the game. And to stand for the anthem.

Believing that the anthem is a time-honored tradition, McMahon reiterated that he believed that, and that it would be mandatory for all players and personnel to stand for the duration of the anthem.

Which cities would the XFL play in?

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While many believed that the original cities from the original league would be the start off, Vince McMahon said that his company would be talking it over with experts; although, he also stated that he wanted the league in towns where football was played.

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As for the original eight teams, it would be believed that at least some would return, like league champions the Los Angeles Xtreme. Also, the team who lost to them in the league championship game; the San Francisco Demons could, or should, also be considered.

As for the New York/New Jersey Hitmen, Orlando Rage, Chicago Enforcers, Birmingham Thunderbolts, Memphis Maniax or Las Vegas Outlaws, that remains to be seen. Although, with a push into Las Vegas for many other leagues, like MLB, the NBA, and NHL, we could also see the Outlaws return, as well.

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