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What WWE Legend Could’ve Fought in UFC?

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After The Rock said he was considering going to the UFC 10 years ago it really opened up a question. What other WWE superstars could have been successful in the UFC? Well it didn’t take long for one member of the WWE Hall of Fame to think of who he thought would succeed inside of the octagon.

When asked the question which superstar would have been successful in the UFC, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair immediately said Monday Night Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. Flair specifically mentioned Angle’s gold medal from the 1996 Olympic Games for Freestyle Wrestling as his reasoning for picking Angle.

If Angle had gone to the UFC, he would’ve joined several other wrestlers who made the jump from WWE to the UFC. Other wrestlers include Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk.


This is something I would’ve loved to have seen. After winning his gold medal and placing first in the World Wrestling Championships in 1995, I think Angle could have been very successful as a fighter. His natural ability would have made him a very good fighter in the octagon.

However, who knows what could have happened if he joined the UFC? He may never have been as popular there as he was in WWE. Instead of being one of the top guys like he was in WWE, he could have just been another guy in UFC. He never would have become a WWE Hall of Famer or the GM of Raw. So maybe it was it good thing that Angle never went into the UFC.

Unfortunately we will never know. Kurt Angle never went to the UFC and will not go there at the age of 48. So fans just have to sit and wonder what could have been.

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