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What’s Next for Enzo and Big Cass Following Their Break Up?

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Future Plans for Enzo and Cass Following Break Up

Finally, last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw revealed who was Enzo’s attacker. And while the WWE tried to swerve us a little bit by having Big Cass get attacked, Corey Graves revealed that that was staged. In fact, Big Cass made it up. So, the moment came to finally split up the popular tag team. Now the question remains: What’s next for Enzo and Cass?

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that there are a few issues here. For one, Cass’s heel turn was hard to loathe him for. Everything he said was a hundred percent true. Enzo Amore is annoying at times. He also has a big mouth, which often gets them into trouble. Even in NXT, you can see that it’s Enzo’s fault that the duo were never able to secure the titles.

Apparently, Big Cass was over it. And naturally, the way you dump a friend in the WWE is by humiliating them via television. Meltzer also revealed that the two won’t be in a long term feud with one another. Things could change, but Cass will be moving on as a monstrous heel. Enzo Amore, however, will be lucky to be on TV at all. They won’t have much to do with one another at all.

Could it be the End for Enzo?

Everyone knew that this needed to happen at some point. People have complained for quite awhile that their gimmick had grown stale. Not to mention, following an Enzo injury last year, Cass had wowed Vince McMahon enough to give him a decent push in the singles division.

It will be interesting to see what kind of entrance theme the new heel Big Cass will get. It will also be intriguing if Enzo will keep their entrance, or if he will benefit from their split and develop as well.

Enzo Amore may have a decent shot in 205 Live, but unless the WWE can find someone else to pair him up with, his position on the roster is no longer secured.

The Writer’s Thoughts

And, okay, here’s my probably unpopular opinion. As a singles competitor, I don’t like Cass.

Haven’t we seen enough of the giant heel monsters? Seriously, just take a look and Braun, Big Show, Kane, Brock Lesnar, Mark Henry…the list can go on. I have always been more partial to Enzo Amore. I think that if the WWE wants to split up the team, that’s fine. If Cass wants to pursue a better belt, sure. But he needs better work with a mic. Admittedly, his promo was great on Monday night. I also think that Enzo’s little tear made the segment believable. In the future, I just can’t see Cass nailing great promos. Without his mouthpiece, I just have a hard time caring about what Cass has to say.

Enzo being kicked off from TV completely is just silly. He has fantastic personality, which is something many WWE stars lack. In fact, he kind of reminds me of an X-Pac post D-Generation X. There’s potential there. If the WWE creative team actually tries to give Enzo a decent story, we might see not just one break-out star here, but two. Hopefully, Enzo doesn’t fall victim to lazy writing.

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