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‘Woken’ Matt Hardy Debuts on Raw

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‘Woken’ Matt Hardy Debuts on Raw

YEASSSSSS ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy has arrived on RAW! The character change debuted tonight in a pretaped video with Bray Wyatt. This seems like only the beginning of what feels like an exciting feud between the two.

The video opens with Wyatt calling out Hardy including calling him a coward. Hardy then emerged to a huge ovation from the staples center crowd. He then started talking in the way that made his gimmick the hottest thing in wrestling in the beginning of 2017. The two then exchange psychotic laughs after they warned each other of whats coming.

Both of them did a good job giving this feud some excitement and could be one of the best storylines heading into the Royal Rumble in January.


I loved every second of that video. It reminded me why I enjoyed the broken gimmick so much. I’m really excited to see where this feud goes.

There wasn’t a better superstar to trigger a break in Matt Hardy than Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has always been the out there supernatural type. That paired with the broken gimmick has the potential to be HUGE for WWE. This will help get ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy going again, and it can also be very beneficial for Wyatt.

This is exactly what Hardy needed. With this gimmick, he most likely won’t get lost in the shuffle like he was as just Matt Hardy. This gimmick will keep him around until Jeff returns in April.

Matt Hardy is a genius for creating this character and now he will get his chance to show it on the biggest stage their is. The in-suing few months should be absolutely WONDERFULLL YEASSSSS.

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