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WWE Legend Hulk Hogan’s Daughter On Return

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Brooke Hogan believes we will see the Hulk back in the WWE soon.


What happened with the Hulk? Reason for Release?  In 2015, a news reporting site called Gawker released tapes of Hulk Hogan making racist comments and releasing sex tapes without his permission. This  made him become very unwelcome in the WWE. Immediately after the release of the comments and tapes, the WWE terminated Hulk’s contract and removed him for the website.

Gawker Gone?

Two years later, Hulk Hogan sued Gawker out of business(which means you go the site, and it said it has been shut down). Hulk won a massive settlement of 31 million,  from the sueing, and has been enjoying the beach life. He took the money to expand his Hogan’s Beach Shop business(including a store in Orlando, which Wrestlemania 33 was evented at).


In 2014, the Hulkster returned to WWE as a goodwill ambassador and attractions for the events. He hosted  for Wrestlemania XXX and had a judge position on the WWE’s reality show called Tough Enough.

What does Brooke Hogan think?

TMZ caught up with Brooke Hogan at the airport, and revealed that her dad is indeed enjoying the beach life, but however can possibly see her father returning to the WWE soon; because wrestling still lives inside him, and still has a few more fights left. He works out and stays in shape, so he indeed has a few body slams left.

Writer’s Thoughts

I personally believe that the Hulk should come back. Hearing the crowd, his entrance, and the whole Hulk-a-Mania gimmick. I think the WWE and the Hulk should give it one more go! What do you think? A Hulk Hogan return a good thing or bad? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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